Oct 18, 2008

Charleston Home Sales - South Carolina Real Estate Graphs

My name is Shane Langdale and I am a local real estate appraiser. If you are worried or just curious about your property value, you are not alone. The value of your home is one of the primary concerns of not only lowcountry folks, but people nationwide.

The purpose of the “Lowcountry Loop” is to give lowcountry residents valuable information about their homes. You shouldn’t have to guess or worry about the value of your most valuable asset.

I am here to help you understand what the sales in your neighborhood will tell you about the value of your home. I analyze the median price, the average price, and the price per square foot to give you a very accurate picture of what values are doing in your SC Lowcountry Neighborhood.

You are invited to check out our SC Appraisal Blog on the website, and also participate in out online forums.

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Anonymous said...

Charleston was very lucky this year, with not getting damaged from the storms. I would have to liked to see all those beautiful homes and property distroyed! Thank God this beautiful places stays for another year...!